Introducing Brand New ‘Mood Dining’At Milaidhoo Maldives


Innovative Wellness Programmes pairing foods with Spa and meditation to induce specific moods and ease post-Covid symptoms

A private oasis set over 13 acres in the Baa Atoll’s beautiful UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, Milaidhoo’s pristine beauty is an incredible location to switch off from the outside world. This year, guests can benefit from new and improved ‘Mood Dining’ offerings – a series of dining and wellness packages based on the theory that certain foods can affect body chemistry and, in turn, alter a person’s mood. ‘Moods’ include ‘Rise and Shine’,Get into the Milaidhoo Mood’, ‘Deep Sleep’ and the newly introduced ‘Revitalise and Reset’. Consisting of thoughtfully curated food and drink menus paired with wellness activities, the programmes will evoke energised moods, increase concentration and even help to tackle ‘brain fog’ and anxiety post Covid. Meal settings also help to shape moods, with dining options on deserted sandbanks in the middle of the ocean, on the beach or in the privacy of the guests’ villa.

‘Rise and Shine’

The ‘Rise and Shine’ programme allows guests to start their day feeling healthy and full of energy. The day begins with an early private yoga class in the Yoga Pavilion, a 30-minute mud application to relieve muscle ache, steam, hot shower and a 45 minutes TheraNaka Vigor Back Massage, all before breakfast. The wholesome spread and important fuel for the day follows and includes fresh, tropical fruit, yoghurt, seeds, nuts, caviar, smoked salmon, and other island delicacies.

‘Getting into The Milaidhoo Mood’

For those looking to overcome jetlag and ease into the holiday mindset, ‘Getting into The Milaidhoo Mood’ offers just that. The programme beginswith a 60-minute TheraNaka African Awakening Massage at the resort’s over-water Serenity Spa. Massage movements incorporate breathing techniques to awaken the body’s senses and align both body and mind, and the treatment is followed by a Breathwork Session with the resident Yogi. In the evening, guests can enjoy a sushi focused dinner aimed to ease digestion with dishes rich in vitamins, omega 3 and nutrients on their private villa deck.

‘Deep Sleep’

Choose the ‘Deep Sleep’ mood to enhance sleeping patterns and maximise an undisturbed night’s sleep. The programme begins with a peaceful 90-minute Swedish Massage in the early evening to physically relax the entire body and ease muscle tension. After that, a light and early dinner of chicken or reef fish is served in the guests’ villa with a menu designed to encourage sleep. Following this, Milaidhoo’s resident Yogi leads a private moonlight meditation session on the deck of their villa to calm and slow the mind. The evening ends with a scented candlelit bath, helping the body temperature to fall and inducing a feeling of sleepiness.

‘Revitalise and Reset’

Aimed specifically towards Covid-19 related health problems such as burnout, anxiety and respiratory issues, guests can now opt for the brand-new ‘Revitalise and Reset’ mood, which extends across two to four days. Guests can create their own schedule for the chosen days with a range of relaxing and respiratory focused treatments to fit their needs. Brain fog and feelings of anxiety are targeted during a 30-minute breathing workshop led by Milaidhoo’s resident Yogi. Taking place at sunrise, the magical setting aids an incredibly focused practice. Guests learn to control their breathing to release any built-up physical and psychological tension and prepare them for the day ahead. The development of self-awareness and self-control through breathing can also help guests overcome stressful and challenging situations in their daily lives. A private sunrise yoga session and meditation on the secluded sandbank can be arranged, followed by a healthy breakfast to continue the peaceful mindset, and daily detox juices or teas are on offer throughout the programme, cleansing the body physically. Perfect for relaxing in-between activities, guests can ease into a comforting bath during the programme, featuring soothing Elemis spa products and rehydrate on fresh fruit juice and roasted coconut slices, grown on the island. A 30-minute gentle dry-skin brushing treatment is also included, which increases lymphatic circulation and prepares the skin before completely switching off for a 1hour 30-minute, full-body intuitive massage. HOW: Milaidhoo can be easily reached via a 30-minute seaplane from the international airport in Male or a 15-minute domestic flight to Dharavandhoo domestic airport in Baa Atoll, followed by a 15-minute speedboat to Milaidhoo


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