Intelligence upgrade, Chery TIGGO 8 PRO ADAS function Protects Your Safety


A vehicle that really thinks what users think and relieves users’ worries is definitely in need of intelligent technology. As a high-end business product, TIGGO 8 PRO and 8 Pro Max shows its flagship characteristic in terms of intelligent technology above all. Specifically, it is equipped with 12 ADAS functions such as adaptive cruise control (ACC), rear cross traffic alert (RCTA) and front collision warning (FCW), covering all-weather driving scenarios so as to build an all-round intelligent safety protection circle for users.

In daily use of the vehicle, the biggest challenge is reversing, because there are always blind spots of the rear view mirror, and this is where the RCTA system comes in handy to assist. When TIGGO 8 PRO is reversing, the RCTA system can assist the driver to detect the area behind the vehicle on both sides, and keep the driver aware of whether there are vehicles/pedestrians passing by and obstacles in the blind spot of the rear view mirror. Once there is a danger of collision, the RCTA system will make an alarm sound, while the BMS alert icon will also send a warning to users.

Furthermore, the blind spot of the rear view mirror also frequently poses a safety hazard when changing lanes in traffic. Particularly on the expressway, if you are unable to observe the vehicle in the right rear lane and make a guide, a disaster will occur within milliseconds. Thanks to the blind spot detection (BSD) system, TIGGO 8 PRO can avoid such dangers. Through radar sensors, the BSD monitors the blind spot in the rear view of the vehicle. When the sensor detects that an object is approaching, a light signal will be displayed in the mirror on the corresponding side to warn of the danger, even if the blind spot is not visible.

In addition, another potential hazard of rear blind spots also occurs when opening the door in the parking state, which can cause a traffic accident if you are not careful. TIGGO 8 PRO is equipped with door opening warning(DOW) system, which allows the rear radar to monitor the moving target in the side rear of the blind spots of the vehicle in real time when the door is opened in a parking state, and when it is determined that there is a risk of collision due to the opening of the door, the warning will be given through the light signal from the rear view mirror.

Moreover, TIGGO 8 PRO is also equipped with forward collision warning(FCW) system and autonomous emergency braking(AEB), which can determine whether there is a risk of rear-end accident according to the distance and speed of the vehicle in front, and upon encountering the emergency braking of the vehicle in front and other unexpected situations, the system will send various forms of warning to the driver and apply the brakes actively when necessary so as to avoid a collision or mitigate the consequences of a collision.

Driving on the highway for a long time will inevitably cause fatigue and distraction. With adaptive cruise control (ACC) function, TIGGO 8 PRO can control the vehicle to automatically follow the car in front and start and stop, meanwhile, it can assist the driver to control the vehicle to stay in the current lane by cooperating with lane departure warning (LDW) function and lane keeping assist (LKA) function. Notably, the ACC function equipped in the TIGGO 8 PRO is available in the speed range of 0-180km/h, while the traffic jam assistant (TJA) function in the low speed range and the integrated cruise assist (ICA) function in the high speed range are also realized.

Regarding the safety performance provided by technological intelligence, when it comes to the more hardcore function of TIGGO 8 PRO, it is definitely necessary to mention the rear collision warning (RCW) function. When you are driving at a low speed or parking to wait for the red light, in the event that a vehicle behind you is rushing quickly, TIGGO 8 PRO can quickly make passive protection responses, such as early warning seat belts, so as to reduce the peril of being collided with before the rear-end accident occurs.
Besides, the thoughtfulness brought by intelligent technology is also reflected on the intelligent speed limit information (ISLI) and intelligent headlight control (IHC) functions of TIGGO 8 PRO. When the former function identifies that the current speed exceeds the speed limit of the road section, it will issue an alarm; while the latter will automatically turn on the headlights and switch between high and low beam according to the external light, which is extremely convenient when meeting at night or going through the tunnel. Furthermore, the scientific and reasonable use of lights will not only ensure one’ s own safety but also reduce the safety hazards in the opposite lane.


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