Iconic Swiss water brand to re-enter Saudi market


SwissMountain, Switzerland’s premium mineral water export, has announced that it will re-enter the Saudi Arabian market in 2020.

Formerly distributed nationally throughout the Kingdom through 2015, SwissMountain will be available again during the second half of the year, according to sources at the company. Dieter K. Schulz, the firm’s managing director, said: “We have enjoyed a long and prosperous relationship with the Saudi market, interrupted by poor performance of a previous distributor. Now we look forward to again capturing a market niche that will satisfy strong Saudi demand for the SwissMountain brand.”

SwissMountain is Switzerland’s only exported bottle water in PET (polyethylene terephthalate). From the picturesque village of Bad Knutwil, near the city of Lucerne in Switzerland, SwissMountain is bottled directly at the source and shipped to global markets in conditioned containers to preserve its fresh Alpine nature.

For more than 500 years the artesian waters of Bad Knutwil have been a source of wellness for people seeking the purity of true Alpine water. Snow falling centuries or millennia ago on the Swiss Alps eventually finds itself in aquifers of pure water, the water that becomes SwissMountain.

Mineral analysis of SwissMountain shows a perfect harmony of nature, but without the impurities often found in other major brands. There are virtually no nitrate and no uranium in the composition of SwissMountain, a unique factor among bottled waters


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