Hyundai Motor Company & Mohamed Yousuf Naghi Motors Honors “Unsung Ramadan Heroes” Truck and bus drivers


Jeddah– Hyundai Motor Company Middle East and Africa HQ and Mohamed Yousuf Naghi Motors Company, western region of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Hyundai Motor General Distributors, honored a group of drivers of Hyundai Truck & Bus vehicles, in appreciation of their efforts in general, and especially during the recent holy month of Ramadan.

Drivers from various sectors, were selected and presented with a certificate of appreciation in addition to gifts as a token of appreciation.

About this initiative, Hyoung Jung Im, Head of Hyundai Motor Company Middle East and Africa HQ, said: “This initiative is in line with our global Hyundai motor company direction ‘Partners in every way’, here we acknowledge the noble efforts of these “Heroes of Ramadan”, and we show thanks and appreciation for the diligent efforts of drivers from our partners Hyundai Truck & Bus fleet operators, who work around the clock in transporting goods, products and passengers. Thanks to their hard work the production and work cycle of the local economy in all sectors keeps moving, and their very important contribution is evident in the blessed month of Ramadan, as they work while fasting to transport goods, foodstuffs and all other needs for the blessed month, in addition to transporting passengers to their destinations in comfort and safety”.

The drivers expressed their gratitude for this symbolic act of thanks by Hyundai Motor Company and Mohamed Yousuf Naghi Motors Company and their dedication to work.

Hasan Ba Ashan, who works at Nobels International Schools for the past 9 years, currently driving a Hyundai County school bus.

Mr. Ba Ashan expressed his pride in his job: “Driving students in Ramadan while fasting was not easy but I was so proud as I felt that I am helping the market the new generations in building their future”.

On this symbolic gesture from Hyundai to recognize truck and bus drivers Mr. Ba Ashan added: “I feel proud to be chosen, and I would like to thank Hyundai for such an initiative”.

Mohamed Akram Nayen, a truck driver at the Arab Supply Co., has been behind the wheels of commercial vehicles for 16 years, and he currently drives a Hyundai HD65 truck.

“As a driver, I feel thankful for the opportunity to be of service, thus I am proud of my job as I do my best to deliver food to help the fasting people in Ramadan.” said Mr. Nayen, he added: “On having this opportunity to be recognized by Hyundai I feel so honored”.

Working as a Hyundai HD72 driver at Segala Group for the past 9 years, Foad Jebreel feels grateful of his role, he said: “I feel proud of helping people get the medications they need by delivering our pharmaceutical products of our group on time, especially in Ramadan when people are fasting”. And when asked about Hyundai’s gesture to honor drivers, he replied: “I thank Hyundai for this act of kindness and I want to thank them for such appreciation”.

This initiative by Hyundai Motor Company Middle East and Africa conveys the company’s unwavering commitment toward becoming more Human-centric sustainable future of mobility provider.


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