HungerStation celebrates 10 years anniversary in Saudi Arabia


HungerStation, the leading technology company dedicated to facilitating delivery operations, is celebrating 10 years of launching its services through a media campaign showcasing its journey in the sector.

HungerStation’s journey in the delivery sector is a challenging one, as the app is the first of its kind in Saudi Arabia, where the company began its services 10 years ago at a time when the sector lacked many governmental legislation, policies and reference, and the atmosphere was not prepared for similar technological ventures.Rather, it had many difficulties facing the sector as a whole, such as customer-restaurant communication, limited options, delayed deliveries, lack of clear way to preview the restaurant’s menu, and many more problems and difficulties that the company has contributed to solving and paving the way for others to follow.Today, the company’s services reach more than 100 cities and villages around the Kingdom’s regions, extending its success to the Gulf and internationally regions of the Kingdom.

On this occasion, HungerStation’s CEO, Asaad Noman stated: “10 years ago, and before all, HungerStation’s app was established at a time when the concept of delivery was not fully understood, and the success story of HungerStation began and became the talk of the hour and people…”

During this period, we have overcome many of the challenges through which we have achieved a range of achievements in the sector with the determination and perseverance of more than 1,400 employees of our highly qualified national personnel.

We have achieved millions in this sector, exceeding 300 million customer orders, more than 20 million downloads of our app from app stores, and more than 35,000 restaurants and partner stores.

The ease and progress of our technologies is confirmed by the fact that the number of delivery agents exceeded more than 800,000, across the Kingdom and Gulf states, this huge figure contributes to accelerating services and the arrival of orders for customers in a record time.

During these 10 years, we have also provided many initiatives that have contributed to the development and upgrading of quality in the provision of services to this sector.

Najla Al-Otaibi, HS’s Corporate Communications Director, stated: “In HungerStation, we harness technology to serve the community and the non-profit sector, based on our social responsibility, as the total donations to charitable organizations through the HungerStation application exceeded 40 million SAR, we sponsored various economic activities during this period, which contributed to their progress and the creation of an effective partnership that reflects positively on the Saudi economy.”

Al-Otaibi added: “We have a direct and close relationship with CITC, the regulator and legislator in the delivery apps sector. This relationship allow us to provide our services with high quality and efficiency, and through it we seek to develop and continuously improve to raise the quality of services to the satisfaction of our customers and is reflected in the quality of the delivery services sector in general.”


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