How To Create A Back-To-School Homework Space


Creative Director at leading interior label Sedar Global gives his top tips on how to

get your kids back to school ready with a fun and functional study space to call their own

With kids soon heading back into a busy school routine, creating an inspiring space for your little one to play and grow is more important than ever. Decorating a kid’s space should be a fun experience, however creating a beautiful yet functional room that your child will love both now and for years to come can be hard to achieve.

Check out these fun and functional study room ideas from leading interior label Sedar Global famous for its unique made-to-fit and custom designed kids wallpaper and fabric collections, including Disney, Pixar and Marvel lines. Whether you’re starting from scratch or hoping to improve upon an existing space, Creative Director Nahel Selo shows you can create a one-of-a-kind yet affordable kids homework space that’s both quiet for focus, colourful for inspiration and organised to reduce distractions.

Utilise Natural Light

Make sure there is adequate natural light and plenty of task lighting. Lighting is essential to help kids concentrate, not only for homework but also for hobbies, like drawing or crafts. Creative Director at Sedar Global comments “position desk spaces near the window, not facing a wall if this can be avoided. An influx of sunlight can help kids maintain a positive mood and the changing view outside the window can help your kid’s brain take a break between tasks without leaving the desk space. For darker spaces use sheer fabrics for windows and invest in a focus desk lamp to encourage concentration”.

Selo adds “If you are creating a homework space within a bedroom space ensure to use black out curtains or blinds so kids still get a good night’s sleep and combine with a second layer of roman blinds in one of our themed prints or slatted blinds to manage lighting during the day”.

Inspire Attention

The key to a good work space for kids is to make it an enjoyable and uplifting space to be in, inspire creativity and the inclination to enjoy homework from toddlerdom to teenage hood by introducing interiors proven to change the way we concentrate and improve the way we feel. Selo comments “yellow is known to increase creativity and attention, orange can improve alertness, greens and purples are peaceful and calm, whilst browns and warm neutral tones can reduce feelings of fatigue and make kids feel more secure”.

Pick your kids homework space style and colours suited to their personality and needs, creating a cohesive space with Sedar’s easy to clean matching wallpaper and fabric designs. Choose from Sedar’s educational prints including the world map, to nature and astrology inspired prints or pick a photo, pattern or print of your own and print onto wallpapers and fabrics. Installing a strip of chalkboard, or daubing some chalkboard paint across part of a wall for a space to get artistic, or use as a reward chart whilst young and use as an organiser panel with age.





Make It Multi-Functional

When you child is studying you don’t want your child’s room overrun with toys and general clutter. A child’s homework space may need to serve multiple purposes – playroom, study, sanctuary and storage space.  A top tip is use floating shelves or create more floor space with a raised bed, leaving an under space for a desk or storage where toys can be put away before study time. Nahel Selo Creative Director at Sedar adds “to create a space that is not overwhelmed with plastic boxes and unsightly storage containers, add an alternative design led touch to make your storage solutions attractive. Covering boxes or pull out storage drawers with one of our uniquely designed wallpapers or patterned fabrics”.

Build A Study Nook

Limited for space why not transform an awkward under-the stairs corner into a study space with wall-mounted shelves, cork board or black board, file cabinet and desk bases. Or if you have siblings working in one space use a large bookcase in the middle with each desk either side so each kid can work privately. Using bookcases as a divider is not only great for creating an individual area for quiet study but is also great for organisation.

Nahel Selo suggests “a window seat is another design tip for dividing two work spaces and also provides a great storage solution. Cover the seat with made-to-measure throw pillows to create a reading seat. Choosing from a range of our prints and comfy fabrics designed to awake imagination, creativity and expression”.

Design a Reading Corner

The ideal kids’ homework space isn’t just for studying in, it should also function as a space for quiet contemplation and for reading. Selo suggests if you are using a room that is also used for playtime it is a good idea to define these different spaces commenting “make reading more fun by introducing a set reading area, use bean bags, hanging chairs, install a mini tepee or custom design an array of Sedar’s throw floor pillows for a playful place to read.”

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