How Huawei Activate Data Value and Redefine All-Flash Data Center


Saudi Arabia-: During the KSA IT DAY in Riyadh, Huawei proposed the “Activate data value and redefine All-Flash Data Center – Faster, more Reliable and Intelligent” value proposition and shared the latest IT trends and use cases with Saudi enterprise customers.
A recent IDC survey shows that over 90% of enterprises plan to upgrade their digital IT infrastructure. However, they face various challenges during the migration process, including reliability, cost reduction and efficiency improvement, data innovation, real-time agility, and intelligent management. Driven by these needs and challenges, the all-flash data center has become one of the most important development directions for future data centers.
During the event, Huawei unveiled three flagship storage product series and solutions for the All-Flash Data Center Solution. All-flash data center presents a faster, more reliable and intelligent solution for enterprises to better and more cost-effectively manage data. Construction of an all-flash data center involves a comprehensive upgrade of storage media and integrating data center resources, breaking down silos, and wholesale reconstruction of the overall architecture. The three storage solutions include:
The OceanStor Dorado all-flash storage is the industry’s only storage system to provide active-active disaster recovery (DR) solutions for both SAN and NAS. With 21 million IOPS, 0.05 ms latency, and 99.99999% reliability, OceanStor Dorado SAN storage provides efficient and reliable data services for databases and virtualization applications. The NAS system offers industry-leading performance, always-on service, and excellent data security protection for typical file scenarios such as CAD/CAE systems, carriers’ CDR systems, PACS images, and financial bills.
The OceanProtect Backup Storage solution is an all-flash system inspired by F2F2X (flash-to-flash-to-anything (F2F2X) that accelerates backup performance by boosting backup bandwidth by three times and recovery bandwidth by five times over the competition. OceanProtect Backup Storage also ensures a predictable backup and recovery time window and 72:1 data reduction ratio, helping users achieve efficient backup and recovery to address new challenges in data protection. To cope with the rapid growth of various service data, Huawei OceanProtect provides comprehensive data protection products and solutions, such as disaster recovery (DR), backup, and archiving solutions, throughout the data lifecycle to ensure zero service interruption, zero data loss, and long-term information retention.
The OceanStor Pacific Mass Data Storage series is a large scale-out intelligent distributed storage series that provides elastic on-demand services powered by cloud infrastructure and meets enterprise-grade key workload requirements. It uses software-defined storage technologies to integrate local storage resources from hardware nodes into a fully distributed storage pool that provides upper-layer applications with file, object, HDFS, and block storage services. It is the only storage series in the industry to support hybrid workloads, meaning that one OceanStor Pacific system can be used for HPDA, big data, video, backup, and archiving applications simultaneously.
The Huawei All-Flash Data Center solution series has been successfully delivered in Saudi Arabia in various fields. It activates data value, builds faster, more stable, and more environment-friendly data centers, and improves customers’ digital transformation capabilities.
For more information, please read: OceanStor All-Flash Data Center | Faster, Greener, and More Reliable – Huawei Enterprise


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