Hospitality tech startup Opaala boosts F&B sales


Hospitality tech startup Opaala aims to offer a solution to tackle the hospitality industry pitfalls following the COVID-19 outbreak. Its innovative smart service system is now integrated into multiple venues across the UAE with the objective to boost sales and provide contactless interactions.

Opaala changes the traditional “8-step service model” by reducing staff costs, eliminating service wait times, and increasing revenue through a contactless, app-free, mobile-powered solution. With Opaala, customers can simply scan a QR code, browse through high-design, interactive menus where they can place orders, enter dietary requirements, request the assistance of a waiter, and call for the bill all through their mobile browsers. Opaala’s solution is browser-based, eliminating the need to download a mobile application.

Opaala can be used across the hospitality industry, including restaurants, cinemas, hospitals, food courts, in-room and within lounges and beach cabanas at hotels, stadiums and events arena.


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