Hôpital de La Tour tackles obesity with multidisciplinary approach and cutting edge technology


Dubai-: Geneva-based Hôpital de La Tour is providing patients from GCC with a range of services to help them control and reduce their weight and improve their overall health in an effort to combat obesity. Hôpital de La Tour, the leading private hospital in Geneva, provides multidisciplinary specialized services with a wide range of offerings and takes advantage of various on-site specialists dedicated to treating all aspects of obesity.

Patients from GCC countries can benefit from the expertise of psychologists, nutritionists, sports medicine specialists, endocrinologists, gastroenterologists, cardiologists, surgeons specializing in abdominal surgery and others, which provides them with treatment plans tailored to their unique situation.

The hospital aims to provide dietary, nutritional and metabolic rehabilitation and is committed to introducing lasting lifestyle changes centred around physical activity and healthy, balanced eating without any restrictions.

The facility is designed to provide all the medical, physical, and nutritional healthcare a patient needs under one roof in a safe and supportive environment.

Prof. Dr med. François Pralong, Head of Obesity Department at Hôpital de La Tour and internationally renowned for his expertise in treating obesity, said: “As a complex disease, obesity requires specialized care to achieve long-term weight loss. Since there is very rarely one single cause for weight gain, our multidisciplinary approach reviews each individual situation and creates treatment plans tailored to the patient’s long-term goals.”

Treatment plans offered by the hospital include a conservative approach involving lifestyle changes while treating the physical effects of obesity on the body, along with surgical treatment for weight loss surgery, also called bariatric surgery. Conservative approaches include pharmacological treatments of obesity. Both treatment options come with medical, psychological, nutritional, and behavioural support from the experts at the hospital. In addition, as patients often find themselves with escess skin after bariatric surgery, Hôpital de La Tour helps them through the process by providing aesthetic surgery solutions.

Dr. Pralong added: “We use up-to-date medical technologies and an integrated approach following the latest international protocols to treat obesity, which potentially impedes physical movement and growth. One of the main objectives is to avoid losing weight too quickly, as this can lead to “yo-yo” syndrome where weight loss is followed by significant weight regain, damaging the metabolism.”

The hospital also provides comprehensive, coordinated care for metabolic disorders and offers access to nutrition and rehabilitation professionals, giving patients the best opportunity to lead a normal life.

A wide range of customized services and amenities are available to patients from GCC at the hospital, including Arabic-speaking nurses and care coordinators, translation services, private rooms, and concierge services.


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