Hibobi heads for success with HUAWEI Ads


The e-commerce platform generates three million downloads in three months on Huawei devices

Riyadh – KSA : As part of its efforts to extend its reach and exposure, Hibobi, an e-commerce platform focused on the USD7 billion global baby products industry, partnered with HUAWEI Ads – a programmatic advertising marketplace. Utilising a range of promotional features through HUAWEI Ads on HUAWEI AppGallery, including feature cards, top banner cards and rankings, Hibobi has maximised organic downloads and invested in paid campaigns to boost the number of overall downloads further. Within three months of launch, Hibobi’s app downloads surpassed three million on HUAWEI AppGallery.

Established in China in July 2019, Hibobi offers more than 16,000 product lines per year and delivers to more than 35 countries globally. With over one million Hibobi fans globally, the brand has 1.6 million monthly active users for the Middle East app only, with an average click rate of 88% for quality edition and high overall merchandise satisfaction. The market is highly competitive, attracting many companies seeking a share of a market set to grow to USD15.6 billion by 2026.

Huawei is one of the leading and fastest-growing smartphone brands in the world. The tech giant’s devices play an essential role in people’s daily lives, as entertainment devices, personal organisers, fitness trackers and, increasingly, as a platform for everyday purchases; around 55% of the world’s online population bought something online via a mobile device in 2020. It was clear to Hibobi that grabbing the attention of smartphone users was a crucial first step to being successful in the market.

Hibobi’s partnership with HUAWEI Ads focuses on three key areas: publishing its e-commerce app on HUAWEI AppGallery, the default app marketplace on Huawei smart devices; using the array of analytics tools to help Hibobi plan effective push campaigns; and advertising to other Huawei device users through HUAWEI Ads, Huawei’s programmatic advertising marketplace.

HUAWEI Ads’ performance analysis tools, including account, tag, push and analysis, enable Hibobi to leverage data to inform its decision-making. In a recent targeted marketing campaign, the platform boosted active users by 25% and sales revenue by 10% on one day.

“HUAWEI Ads has given us the ability to run app download and sales campaigns that directly reach our target audience of new and expecting mothers who have buying power and are interested in fashion and online shopping,” said Stella Chen, Business Development Director, Hibobi. “By utilising the varied range of services available to us, including HUAWEI AppGallery, we successfully exceeded three million downloads in three months across this region. The sales we have generated through our app on Huawei smart devices are beyond expectation, which demonstrates the strength and vitality of the Huawei smartphone ecosystem.”

HUAWEI Ads offers a way for brands like Hibobi to promote themselves through in-app advertising. Its unique selling points include the massive Huawei user base, precise targeting and seamless purchase of ad impressions.


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