Healthy Snack Options for the Whole Family


Snacks make everything better, period. Not only do these little nibbles curb any hunger tendencies, but a healthy bite can boost energy, provide extra daily nutrients, increases metabolism, and helps curb

your appetite to prevent overeating at your next meal.

If you’re wondering what counts as a healthy snack, then look no further than Snackwell – a brand launched by the team at Cypher Urban Roastery that offers 100% natural fruit-based snack options. From Banana Spears, and Dried Pitahaya to delicious Coconut Banana Bites, each of the Snackwell products is developed using 100% natural fruit harvested from the same producers we source our coffee from.

All Snackwell products are free of preservatives, artificial colouring, and added sugar. It’s a healthy meal replacement option and the perfect snack for the whole family to enjoy.


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