Healthy juices to balance busy lifestyles


The Daily Prep Co is a Dubai-based company designed to balance busy lifestyles with healthy habits. Established in 2019, the brand aims to take the hard work out of creating balanced, fresh, and nutritious smoothies, by removing the inconvenience incurred from a do-it-yourself approach. They create pre-made smoothie blends that are all-natural, unprocessed and loaded with raw superfoods.   

The Daily Prep Co strongly believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to have plant-based, nutrient-dense foods made from real ingredients and offered to them at an affordable price point. Each product is made using the freshest, all-natural ingredients and contains the perfect fruit to veg ratio, nut butters and super seeds, snap frozen to make delicious smoothie ready to be blended. Working with nutritional chefs from around the world, The Daily Prep Co creates well-balanced blends that are free of artificial flavours, syrups, colouring, additives or preservatives.  

Inside every packaged product contains ready-made frozen smoothie cubes that can be added to a blender with a liquid of choice for a quick and easy drink in seconds. The Daily Prep Co currently has two separate lines – their regular smoothie range that consists of PB&J, Apple Crumble, Hazelnut Mocha, Golden Mylk Acai Berry and Tropical Green flavours. The second range is a line of protein shakes that consist of flavours that include Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry and Coffee.  


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