Harness The Spirit Of Togetherness In The Kitchen This Ramadan.

  • Betty Crocker invites one and all to be a part of its “The Kitchen is for Everyone” movement this Ramadan
  • Following the change of 20 million packages inspired by eight-year old, Sultan Abdullah Mohammed Soumr, an open invite was issued to welcome the entire family to the kitchen space

Jeddah, KSA, – : In a time when the world is uniting as an extended community, the importance of family remains ever prevalent. This Ramadan poses the chance for families to come together in the spirit of season and support one another as has been done for the past months. The benefits of doing so have been seen across the board, with parents championing home-learning and entertainment for their little ones, children showing immense patience and understanding in an ever-evolving situation and people across the world appreciating their loved ones a little more. Global brand Betty Crocker is choosing to celebrate this sense of togetherness, through inviting one and all into the kitchen this Ramadan, recognising ‘The Kitchen is for Everyone’.

Following the change of over 20 million packs across 40 products, inspired by eight year old Sultan, who identified that the Arabic language used in the instructions addressed only females, the baking giant is now looking to take a step forward. It is championing the fact that ‘The Kitchen is for Everyone’, through a social media led challenge, inviting all, regardless of age, gender or occupation to step up and step into the kitchen. Not only is cooking a great skill to be picked up, it is also a way for many to relax and get creative, and when done in the company of loved ones, offers the chance to create unique memories.

“There are immense positive affects to be gained from experimenting in the kitchen, and we wanted to combine this with the strong sense of community we have been seeing in the region over the past months. Through identifying that ‘The Kitchen is for Everyone’, we want to share the ideals of equality and inclusivity that are so important to us. Our products have been essential to bakers, professionals and amateurs alike, for years, and we want to extend our support in the kitchen to everyone, lending to the spirit of togetherness this Ramadan,” said Ali Akhtar Shaikh Commercial Director MEA & Marketing Capabilities Director Asia Middle East Africa.

‘The Kitchen is for All’ campaign sees the brand inviting the whole family to get involved in the baking process, from everyday dinners and desserts, to special occasion feasts, to be enjoyed during Iftar.



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