Give your guests the best in interactive and immersive fitness experiences


Freemotion from iFIT is the perfect partner to support guests throughout their stay with interactive, connected fitness and technology that travels with them. Freemotion’s cardio and strength solutions, combined with iFIT’s experiential content, revolutionize the next frontier of hospitality fitness for wellness-savvy travelers and guests looking to maintain their fitness away from home.

As the commercial arm of iFIT Health & Fitness, Inc., Freemotion gives a masterclass on developing durable, functional equipment that optimizes facility space without sacrificing results. Inclusive and welcoming to everyone, regardless of their abilities, Freemotion From iFIT lets guests be themselves and experience all the positive benefits of a thrilling workout.

Immersed in breathtaking locations around the world, guests will be captivated by iFIT’s live and on-demand workouts, from a guided walking tour of Ancient Egypt’s iconic ruins to ascending Mount Fuji at sunset. Plus, iFIT’s world-class trainers can automatically adjust guests’ incline, decline or speed, creating a spellbinding experience without leaving the comfort of the property.

So, whether at the fitness center, in their room or on the go, hoteliers can reach guests wherever they are with interactive hardware and immersive technology powered by Freemotion From iFIT.


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