Get Ya Buns out for International Burger Day


On Thursday 28th May, burger lovers around the world will have the chance to celebrate International Burger Day. Burger fans should head to Pickl, known as one of Dubai’s top patty purveyors, the homegrown brand will cater to your every burger whim and desire. Delve into their legendary menu, which features a range of pimped-up beef and chicken patties, a faux-meat Beyond burger and even an indulgent ice-cream bap (dine in only).

The gloriously sloppy REDNECK (BBQ bacon cheeseburger), a melting thing of beauty that you cannot eat daintily. The succulent chuck patty (make it a double!), is piled high with beef bacon, oozing with gooey cheese, lashings of smoky BBQ and ranch sauce, fried pickled onions in a potato bun. Just roll your sleeves up and revel in its meatiness!

If you like it hot, choose the CHICKEN SANDOTaking center stage is a behemoth hunk of freshly fried chicken, with a crispy coat hiding marvellously moist meat, topped with Pickl’s secret comeback sauce, dill pickles and lettuce in a potato bun. This bad boy is available in five different spice levels from Straight Up Plain to eyewatering Will Blow Your Mind The Reaper. You have been warned!

If that doesn’t tickle the taste buds, Pickl is also selling its May showstopper for a few more days. THE HOT BEEF MURRAY features succulent double beef patties, cooked beautifully and dripping with flavour, topped with gooey double cheese, Pickl’s own north carolina hot sauce, fried onion pickles, homemade chilli nacho parma crumb and a bag o’jeff, cushioned by a signature potato bun. This must-try special is so good, you’ll want to get sucked into a Groundhog Day time warp, just so you can enjoy this meaty masterpiece for the rest of eternity.

Pickl burgers are prepared with premium quality Angus beef and fresh chicken, which are both hormone-free and antibiotic-free. Pickl’s menu showcases ‘simple, not basic’ comfort food, from banging burgers, dirty fries and indulgent shakes.



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