GCC residents looking to escape the desert heat will have the opportunity to explore an upscale alpine destination in Flims – laxx


Films-laxx is only a 90-minute car or train journey from the city of Zurich. The resort is also accessible via helicopter for guests who wish to arrive a little sooner.

Lax, a magnificent Swiss destination, is the gateway to visitors for an unforgettable holiday in a natural setting. Be it the UNESCO Heritage Site of the Rhein Gorge, known as the miniature Swiss Grand Canyon, the lakes in their unique colors, or the rare wonders of nature, these attractions make every visitor a spectacular holiday in a wonderful and safe area.

An hour and 30 minutes from Zurich Airport and 3 hours from Milan, Laax is an ideal place to relax where you can enjoy delicious food and nature. You can also leave children in summer camps and other kindergartens to look after them.

You can touch the snow in the summer with a simple ride up the mountains with hanging rickshaws, sip fresh juice from the picturesque mountain view, stroll through a horse-drawn carriage in the valley or shop at the nearby marketplace open on Sundays

This stunning destination offers a wide range of fun activities to suit the wishes of families throughout the year in temperate climates and temperatures ranging from 20 to 25 ° C. Guests looking for shopping can head to the Landquart Fashion Outlet Shopping Center, which is only a 20-minute drive from the ski resort and is open seven days a week. They can also get wider options by heading to Munich or Milan, each three hours away.

Flames-Lax is known all over Europe as an outstanding home for skiing, and includes a selection of high-end hotels and activities ideal for families that can be carried out all year round in the enchanting nature. Visitors to this destination can choose from a wide range of luxury accommodations, including three upscale hotel properties.

The Rocks Resort, currently the world’s best ski resort awarded by the World Ski Awards, features 121 spacious apartments with a capacity of up to six rooms, six restaurants and two bars. Just a short walk away, the Peaks Place Hotel is also home to 102 luxurious four-bedroom apartments, as well as a modern spa area. The Hyde Hotel Flames, the latest of these three hotels, offers 47 upscale apartments, an adjacent shopping mall and a Lebanese restaurant serving various home dishes for guests from the Middle East.

The Flims-Lux destination offers a wide range of family activities that are ideal for those looking to spend great times away from the heat during the summer months. From mountain biking, water sports in the lakes and golfing to enjoying tennis and watching the hearts of the hearts, the resort offers a variety of activities to suit all tastes.

For families who are eager to make some of their own explorations, Flames-Lux offers day care and typical summer camping places through Junior & Teen Camp Switzerland programs.

The Flims-Lax Resort offers nature lovers of all ages the fascinating scenery of the majestic Swiss Alps, which include the lakes of Kumasi, Christassi and L’Expression, which are characterized by fresh crystal clear waters. The resort is located close to the Sardona area, also known as the Great Groove of Switzerland, in the tectonic space area that was inscribed in 2008 on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Those who watch the beauty of Flims-Lax will soon realize why the region is sometimes referred to as the Caribbean in Switzerland.

The region offers visitors from the GCC and winter seekers the opportunity to ski in perfect conditions in one of Europe’s most prestigious and award-winning areas. It has been selected on several occasions as the best ski resort in Switzerland with slopes of up to 224 km, and is currently ranked as the best free ski resort in the world according to the World Ski Awards

The resort also offers activities suitable for all ages and skills. It is not home to the annual Laax -Open an annual competition, which attracts the best skiers in the world, but also includes an international ski school that specializes in helping beginners to hone and develop their skills whether you are skilled in skiing or looking forward to your first experience. On the slopes, you’ll find plenty of exciting things to do at Flims-Lakes Resort, which offers activities for all ages and abilities, and our outstanding leisure and entertainment facilities are among the best in the world.

The Rocks Resort

Enjoy the highest standards of living where serviced apartments are furnished with luxurious and comfortable furniture ranging from 60 m2 to 120 m2, in different categories up to 4 bedrooms. Located in a car-free area, the resort has several restaurants that run late and a summer children’s camp just a short walk away. There is also a silencing SPA / hydrotherapy sanus per aquam area and a mountain carriage station 2 minutes’ walk away.



Guests choose the Waldhaus Flims Alpine   Grand Hotel & Spa as the ultimate alpine retreat.Recently renovated and elegantly furnished rooms (connecting ones can be guaranteed), generous suites and presidential suite awaits you. The award-winning 3000 sqm Waldhaus Spa offers ladies-only area and an outdoor garden away from the public eye. An vast array ofinternational cuisine is available for all guests.



The complex of «La Stena» the brand new «TheHide» hotel offers a modern series of penthouse-like rooms and suite, along with a Middle Eastern restaurant. A cozy lobby is the perfect place to sip a fresh tea with a home-made cake, while watching the fireplace. A 2000 sqm2 Kindercity is located just next door, along with numerous

shops and a parking. thehidehotelflims.com


The newly designed Peaks Place Apartment-Hotel & Spa combines the comfort of a 4* Hotel with the convenience of an apartment. Located in the heart of LAAX, close to its pristine lakes and magnificent alp views, it offers the perfect option for a relaxing

holiday. The complex is close to cable cars for refreshing mountain trips and within minutes of several coffee shops and restaurants, and close to the rocksresort and JTCamp. It offers a modern  SPA and a concierge to help you fulfill your wishes.



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