GACA launches traveller’s guide for domestic flights


General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) issued the traveller’s guide during the resumption of domestic flights within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The roadmap represents a guiding framework for travellers that includes a set of precautionary measures that the traveller will have to go through during his flights. This in addition to the obligations that passengers must follow to ensure a safe travel journey that starts from home until reaching the intended destination.

According to the traveller’s guide, passengers must be committed to several responsibilities during the domestic flights resumption phase within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This was meant to ensure a safe travel flight and to avoid a travel ban for passengers violating the preventive measures established by GACA and the Ministry of Health and the rules followed within the airports. These responsibilities begin once completing of the purchase of airline tickets by electronic means only. Also arriving at the airport two hours before departure and going through the thermal check area at the airport.

Furthermore, passengers must sterilise their hands when entering the terminal and wear a cloth mask, or any similar masks when entering the airport. Wearing masks and gloves during the entirety of the flight and during the disembarkation process, and committing to medical disclosure during the reservation and notification stage in the event of any symptoms of COVID. Each passenger is allowed one piece of carry-on luggage inside the plane’s cabin, encourage the use of electronic payment methods and reduce the use of banknotes. This in addition to avoiding close line-up in the boarding stages and inside shuttle buses and passenger bridges, and maintaining a safe distance between travellers at all stages of travel and at service providers by standing on the guidance stickers on the terminal floor.


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