Find Best Samosas At Bombay Bungalow


If you were looking for another excuse to have a samosa today; we are giving you one! Pull up a seat at your favorite restaurant as it’s time to celebrate Samosa Day.  Ideally located in the heart of JBR, the social eatery is inviting guests to celebrate this Samosa Day with Bombay Bungalow.  

Whether you are looking to relish in flavorful samosas without hurting your pocket or simply need a quick samosa fix, Bombay Bungalow has you covered. Serving the fluffy and crispy samosas that many of us have become obsessed with in the region.

Harnessing the most important ingredients to make it the perfect dining experience, the restaurant offers an array of plattered veg samosas that includes a delicious mint chutney to complete the experience. Rich in flavor and produce, this street style dish is set to transport you to the streets of India and reminiscent of homey flavors.

Alongside the delectable dishes, the menu offers an excellent and expansive selection of food and drinks that includes a selection of delicious salads for those looking for healthier choices, breakfast options, lunch favorites and a mouth-watering display for desserts.


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