Experience True Athenian Cuisine with the New Menu at Avli by tashas


Dubai, UAE, 13 September 2022 – 
A calming oasis from the hustle and bustle of DIFC, the contemporary Athenian restaurant has announced the launch of a new À La Carte Menu on September 14th. With the addition of fifteen new dishes, this new menu is reflective of Natasha Sideris’ passion and love for Greek cuisine, along with her eye for perfection and attention to detail.

Known for its modern spin on traditional cooking techniques and regional flavours, Avli transports guests on a gourmet journey infused with a love for food. With over six months taken to develop, try, and perfect each dish, the new menu caters to every palate. The latest additions are all focused on one keyword “fresh”, all described to be “light and a taste of summer” according to founder Natasha Sideris. Featuring fabulous seafood additions such as the Grilled Octopus Salad, Scallop Crudo and the Tuna & Watermelon Crudo, the mezedes selection on the Avli menu is the perfect start to a Mediterranean culinary escape.

Focusing on quality and creating dishes that are original with elements of authenticity, Jill Okkers, the Culinary Director of Tashas Group believes that the new menu items at Avli are a “reflection of meals you would enjoy sitting and eating on the Grecian Coast”. 

The latest additions in the mains include a delicious A la Polita Seabass with a smooth lemon butter emulsion, green peas, and potatoes, a node to the classic vegetable stew made to enjoy and relish with chunks of bread. Another great dish is the King Crab Leg, featuring two crab legs, served with a creamy saffron aioli, fresh herb basting and crisp gem lettuce. 

Paying homage to her Athenian roots, the menu encompasses Natasha’s personal memories of shared meals with the dishes prepared in the same way her family would. The newest Jumbo Prawn Saganaki is just that, with the seafood grilled to perfection with a confit garlic butter basting, it is served with a warm red pepper and tomato salsa, topped with fresh Greek feta. Catering to a variety of customers, veggie lovers can opt for the courgette and lemon Bucatini pasta, tossed in a herb and grana Padano sauce, with a house-made savoury zucchini jam and finished with fresh lemon. 

Always considering customer favourites, the classic desserts at Avli remain with the newest addition of the Ekmek Kataifi, Head Chef, Vlassia, perfected her grandmother’s recipe, it is a delicate balance of house-made custard and fresh Chantilly cream, sitting on top of roasted shredded phyllo drenched in orange syrup. Ensuring each dish has a different flavour profile, the Avli team has carefully constructed the menu to capture new flavours and change the perspective on classic favourites through creative presentation and house-made products. Taking pride in making their own spice rubs, pickles, preserves and a traditional “spoon sweet” found in Greece, Glyko koutaliou. 

Clever engineering is a key part of the Avli philosophy, ensuring each dish looks and tastes unique when ordered for the same table. Whilst similar ingredients are used across a variety of hot and cold dishes, the culinary team at Avli have creatively combined flavours and mastered the art of plating to ensure variety and diversity for their guests. Each ingredient is carefully selected, sourced, and cooked to perfection. All dishes are prepared fresh for each guest, ensuring they get only the best.

Focusing on authentic tastes and textures that combine and seamlessly showcase the culinary soul of Greece’s capital city, Athens, Avli is a chic, elegant and stylish space to dine in for lunch and dinner.  A place where every meal is an occasion, each moment a celebration and friends become family.


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