Enjoy the FoodSheikh All Stars Menu at Home


UAE foodie hero, the Food Sheikh collaborates with Dubai’s favourite chefs, creating a new online delivery menu.


Dubai, UAE: Officially launching on Wednesday June 17th, is the new initiative and venture from Food Sheikh, who is considered the UAE’s leading food critic and sometimes known as the Banksy of the UAE food scene, as his identity still remains largely unknown. Food Sheikh All Stars – an online delivery dining platform brings together Dubai’s hottest culinary trailblazers to curate an exclusive and exciting delivery menu for at home dining.

Food Sheikh All Stars www.fsallstars.com has been in the making for over 12 months and is about bringing together aspirational industry leaders that have been behind shaping the city’s F&B landscape. The Food Sheikh himself spoke of the new online platform’s manifesto, “We’ve brought together chefs with different styles, different backgrounds and different stories, but with one very important thing in common. They’re all going to take your breath away. This is where humans and food connect. These are our All Stars”

The All-Star lineup is a who’s who from the Dubai restaurant scene – Chef Reif Othman, Chef Omar Rodriguez, Chef Anuar Akmal, Chef Liz Stevenson, Chef Tom Arnel, Chef Mohamad Orfali, Chef Greg Malouf completing the All Star line up are Stasha Toncev and Chef Urosh Mitrasinovic. Together they have created and curated the ultimate mixtape of dishes that celebrate the very best of their culinary talent.

The ultimate food hall menu has been designed by the All-Star chefs specially for delivery execution and showcases their diverse set of cooking skills. A selection of dishes includes: 4 Hour Beef Ribs by Akmal Anuar, All American Chicken Sando by Omar Rodriguez, Tulum Prawn Tacos by Tom Arnel and Dynamite Shawarma Roll by Mohamed Orfali. This on-trend menu has also been geared with the consumer in mind as the All Stars have all been briefed by Food Sheikh to hit an accessible price point, giving guests real value for money. Foodies will also appreciate the innovative approach to classics on the menu like: Four Cheese Swanky Arabian Rolls by Greg Malouf, Beef Shish Cevap Wrap by Stasha and Urosh and the Chipotle Chicken Poke by Reif Othman all wrapped up with a White Choc & Lime Cheesecake by Liz Stevenson.

Food Sheikh All Stars is about storytelling and celebrating homegrown chefs in the UAE. As the Dubai restaurant scene has matured in recent years Food Sheikh has identified a new place in the market to bring a constellation of All-Star Chefs together which can bring their food to masses via delivery platforms. Customers will be encouraged to order directly via the website to support the industry, however no one goes unsupported all the usual food aggregators are also playing their part in the roll out of this epic menu.

An online menu created by the city’s best chefs. A mixtape of dishes that celebrates the very best of Dubai’s culinary talents under one roof. The ultimate food hall– Food Sheikh All Stars are looking forward to sharing the experience with Dubai’s most savvy foodies, launching Wednesday 17th June.






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