Emirates Palace Hosts Award-Winning Guest Chefs At Talea And Martabaan For A Limited Time

  • Chef Antonio Guida to partner with Chef Riccardo Gaspari to celebrate the best of Italian cuisine and showcase a sustainable culinary experience at Talea.
  • Martabaan’s award-winning Chef Hemant Oberoi to host a unique collaboration with master chef Vijay Sahi from Oberoi Hotels & Resorts to create an exquisite journey with distinct Indian flavours.

Abu Dhabi– Regarded as a pioneer in culinary excellence, Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi invites guests to discover a repertoire of international flavours, in partnership with award-winning chefs. Riccardo Gaspari joins Antonio Guida in Talea and award-winning guest master chef Vijay Sahi joins renowned Indian chef Hemant Oberoi at Martabaan for a three-day celebration of gastronomy, featuring some of the world’s most extraordinary dishes from 30 September until 2 October 2022.

Four Hands Dinner at Talea

Talea, the signature Italian restaurant at Emirates Palace will roll out an exclusive four-hand dinner curated by Chef Antonio Guida and guest Chef Riccardo Gaspari, celebrating the best of Italian cuisine and showcasing a sustainable culinary experience. The five-course experience will offer guests an intimate dining session that draws on the maestros’ distinctive culinary styles to create “Cucina di Famiglia” – family-style cooking that invokes the true taste of Italy.

Guest Chef Riccardo Gaspari of Michelin-starred Sanbrite in Cortina, Italy, will bring his award-winning talent in regenerative cooking, whereby everything is born, transformed, and regenerated in the kitchen to produce food that is sincere and in harmony with nature.

Oberoi meets Oberoi at Martabaan

Martabaan, the contemporary classic Indian dining destination at Emirates Palace, will host a unique collaboration with Indian master chef Vijay Sahi hailing from the Oberoi Hotels & Resorts who will join hands with Martabaan’s award-winning Chef Hemant Oberoi, to create an exquisite dining journey across distinct flavours from the regional kitchens of the Indian subcontinent.

The specially curated menu for Martabaan includes an a la carte lunch and dinner, as well as a signature dinner menu – both co-created by Chef Oberoi and Chef Sahi. The dining experience features a luxurious culinary journey with a refreshing take on classic recipes such as Bater Mussalam (quails filled with spiced chicken mince), along with creative offerings such as Blueberry Dahi Bhalle Ki Chaat (lentil fritters dunked in yoghurt and blueberry chutney) and Masala Chai Crème Brulee (crème brûlée infused with flavours of Indian masala tea) – dishes that burst with flavour, character, and the culinary genius of Chef Oberoi. In addition, the menu boasts a Duet of Kebab/Truffle Murg Tikka, and the piece-de-resistance for dessert – Sona Shahi Tukra with a 24-karat gold leaf, rose marmalade, fennel, and crushed pepper rabri.

Nestled amidst an opulent ambience, with splendid views of the Arabian Gulf’s crystal blue waters and the Emirates Palace Marina, diners at both Talea and Martabaan are certain to be delighted by the culinary partnerships – indulging in an unforgettable feast with a contemporary twist to satisfy every discerning palate.


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