Daddy’s Smoke House Restaurant Opens doors at Al Barari


Authentic Texas style ambience and traditional BBQ to delight meat lovers

Dubai, United Arab Emirates-: Using premium ingredients in wood fire BBQ dishes, Daddy’s Smoke House opens doors at the lush Al Barari community for an all-year BBQ experience. Meat lovers will be delighted with the brand-new Texas style smoke house restaurant that sets laid back Western tones within a cozy Southern style ambience.

Keeping the Texas style dining experience authentic, Daddy’s Smoke House will be open daily, offering a wide selection of delightfully tasty smoked signature dishes that include smoked brisket, in-house artesian smoked pastrami, smoked short ribs and smoked chicken.

Meat as the hero product takes center stage at Daddy’s Smoke House, which only uses premium Australian angus, USDA prime cuts, Australian Lamb and fresh chicken and specializes in low temperature, slow cooking using a mix of woods to give incredibly succulent fall of the bone beef, lamb and chicken with a smoky flavor.

Accompanying the signature smoked dishes, Daddy’s Smoke House also serves a range of signature burgers, all made with a proprietary blend of premium in house ground beef and Daddy’s Signature Smoked Sauce.

Using a secret blend of spices, the pit masters at Daddy’s Smoke House spend quality time during the pre-cooking process to balance the salts and then preside over the slow and low temperature smoking process over oak wood for 12-16 hours before the meat is further steamed to perfection.

The barbecue lifestyle is loved by the team at Daddy’s Smoke House who said, “For us family, health and good food are some of the most important things in life, and that’s why we started Daddy’s Smoke House as it combines things most dear to us. We aim to treat our customers as family dining within a comfortable Southern ambience.”

Daddy’s Smoke House will be tantalizing taste buds by cooking slow and low using only the freshest ingredients and hand selected finest hardwoods to give their meat a perfect smoky flavor.

The full menu can be downloaded from The restaurant is open from Noon-Midnight, Tuesdays to Sundays and will be closed on Mondays. Patrons can call on 04 2201550 for reservations.


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