Cupola Partners With Avaya To Roll Out Region’s First AI-Powered Enterprise Learning Platform And Meet Customer Demands


BPO implements customized solution to evolve enterprise learning and step ahead of customers’ ever-evolving demands.

Solution enables rapid training and upskilling of Emirati contact center agents while pursuing Emiratization targets.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – July 19, 2022Cupola Teleservices, the Middle East’s pioneer in outsourced contact center services, has rolled out the first AI-powered enterprise learning platform in the region, using technology from Avaya (NYSE: AVYA). The platform delivers advanced enterprise learning and training capabilities customized and personalized to the needs of Cupola’s growing pool of customer service agents, enabling it to build a strong talent pipeline and keep pace with its customers’ ever-evolving demands.

Cupola is headquartered in the UAE and offers technology-enabled outsourced business support solutions to some of the region’s largest public and private sector organizations, including multinational banks, well-known technology brands and local public utilities.

“Thanks to the progressive strategies to grow and diversify the region’s economies, coupled with nationalization drives, the business outsourcing industry is seeing a considerable increase in demand for customer experience services as well as national customer service agents. For us as a major source of employment opportunities, our goal is to not only exceed nationalization quotas, but also, train and upskill our team in the fastest way to ensure we are ahead of the demand curve,” said Sajjad Hamid, Chief Commercial Officer at Cupola.

“For this, we partnered with Avaya to custom-build an intelligent enterprise learning platform that allows us to not only stay ahead of the demand curve, but also maintain and grow our excellence in delivering superior customer experience to our clients.”

The Middle East’s business process outsourcing market is growing healthily. Data Bridge Market Research believes that the market will post a compound annual growth rate of 6.9% between 2022 to 2029, and is expected to be worth over $20 billion by 2029. Cupola is harnessing this growth as a homegrown UAE brand that provides high quality customer experience services relevant to the region. It has also placed considerable importance on achieving expertise in quality standards including the Global Star Rating System and the Dubai Model for Government Services.

“Ultimately, we’re in the business of people, technology and expertise – our clients look to us to ensure that their own customers are being given the experiences they expect. This can only be achieved when we have the right people, with the right expertise, available. That’s where the learning experience platform comes in – it’s enabled us, very quickly, to seamlessly onboard, upskill and train our agents on the core competencies they need to deliver great experiences,” said Hamid.

With the platform, Cupola is able to quickly onboard customer service agents and empower them with the knowledge they need to deliver outstanding customer experiences. It also enables agents to continuously upskill themselves, on their own time, enhancing job satisfaction and career progression.

Cupola’s agents now have access to offline and online courses through a single dashboard, eliminating the need to schedule appointments or align with a timeline for learning and training. And new joiners use the platform to onboard and acquaint themselves with the core policies and values of the company’s they’re serving.

“Many of our customers in the region outsource their customer experience to BPOs like Cupola. Specifically, the government sector sees great value and efficiencies in delivering citizen experiences through this model. It is our role to ensure that both sides have the right technology to deliver those unique outcomes. We have seen Cupola ‘s business growing over the past few years and we are delighted to continue this partnership as the needs of the group and of its customers evolve,” said Yaser Alzubaidi, Vice President – Specialists Organization, Avaya International.

In October 2021, Avaya and its partner, Toolwire, launched the Spaces Learning enterprise platform, with the promise of helping private and public organizations in their nationalization efforts. Built on Avaya Spaces, the modern workstream collaboration (WSC) platform, Spaces Learning is a fully integrated teaching and learning platform that transforms into a virtual classroom to provide training programs and assessments on demand. The platform is built using Avaya Spaces’ open APIs to combine AI and video conferencing tools to help employees personalize their learning sessions.


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