Creative Crepe Concept, Kõnz Republik, Makes its Debut at Global Village

Fan of street food? You’re going to like the crepe out of this! Fan of street food? You’re going to like the crepe out of this!

Dubai, UAE:  Highly versatile dish and a brunch favourite, crepes, can be enjoyed savoury or sweet- and now with an Egyptian twist! Kõnz Republik, a homegrown concept that puts a modern spin on this classic French dish, has a prime location at the Global Village for visitors and street-fare-fanatics.  Diners can stroll the cultural destination while liking the perfect comfort food that hits the spot.

Kõnz Republik presents a plethora of bold flavours in its carefully concocted menu, made to intrigue and excite local taste buds.  Foodies can look forward to indulging in diverse crepe options that go from flavourful treats to deliciously bold desserts. A range of eclectic toppings are combined and folded into cone-shaped crepes, giving this quirky joint its name.  Kõnz are served in an easy, grab-and-go packaging with vibrant hues of blues and greens.

From classics that go beyond the typical cheese or chocolate crepe options to signature selections, they do it all – from Dynamite Shrimp, El Mexicano, Zinger to Original Kõn with Angus beef, cheese, veggies and Kõnz special sauces, to their bestseller, Dajaj Kõn.  No need to go rummaging for a sweet treat elsewhere as Kõnz Republik has got this covered with their sweet varieties like The Oreo, Salted Caramel, Black Forest Meringue (a seasonal special), and the star dessert Lotus Kõn.

“We’re putting Egyptian street food crepes on the map,” says founder Ahmad Jamal. “Our flavours are made to appeal to the masses and enjoyed by all.  It is a tribute to the original street food crepes in my hometown, Bani Suef, while celebrating the cosmopolitan nature of UAE that is home to over 200 nationalities.  It’s the new era of street food, where limitless options, innovation and customisation are key.  Kõnz Republik will soon be opening a branch outside of Global Village along with delivery options so customers can always get their preferred crepe of choice whenever, where ever.”

It’d be hard to distract from all the entertainment at Global Village, but despite the colourful views and endless things-to-do, diners are sure to be hooked on the fresh, made-to-order crepe here. Add to that, the winter breeze, sounds of laughter and chatter, and the open skies over head, Kõnz Republik is definitely going to be a top spot. After all, did you even go to Global Village, if you didn’t try Kõnz Republik?!



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