Couqley French Bistro & Bar is raising the ‘steaks’ this Father’s Day


This Father’s Day, coming up on the 19th of June, Couqley French Bistro & Bar is serving a limited-edition meaty special that is sure to meat our father’s roof-high expectations. For one day only, the award-winning French bistro will be offering dads an exclusive protein-packed feast bursting with immaculate French flavours.

Available only on June 19th, the limited-edition dish features a succulent fire-grilled premium Australian grade 5 Wagyu ribeye (weighing a good 350g) served with a choice of one of Couqley’s homemade sauces, all priced at AED 499. This exclusive offering will be served all day until stocks last.

Available all day for dine-in until stock lasts only on the 19th of June,  Couqley French Bistro & Bar’s limited-edition steak priced at AED 499 will not just meat the expectations but also beat it! 

It wouldn’t be right on our papas, to not share a dad joke so here’s one just for them.
What would a meat loving father call his child?
The apple of his rib-eye!


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