Complimentary Pancake Skewers for Mother’s Day at Eggspectation


Take your mum out this Mother’s Day (21st of March) to Eggspectation to guarantee a memorable meal with their limited edition Mini Pancake Skewers. Layered with soft mini medallion pancakes, fresh strawberries, bananas, kiwis, and a drizzle of chocolate sauce as well as pure maple syrup. These limited edition pancakes in a bite will be complimentary to the table for mum upon the purchase of mains. The Pancake Skewers are a fun, and charming way to thank your mother for her tireless loving nature on her special day. 

Available for dine in only on the 21st of March, these perfect skewers are complimentary to the table (1 per table) for Mother’s Day upon the purchase of mains. Bring fun and excitement to the table in honour of Mother’s Day with perfectly fluffy pancakes, made only sweeter with the world’s favourite drizzle: chocolate. 


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