CNTXT and Boston Dynamics Collaborate to Accelerate the Use of Industrial Robotics in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Abdullah Jarwan - Boston Dynamics

RIYADH – – CNTXT, a leading cloud and digital transformation company in Saudi Arabia, today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Boston Dynamics, a global leader in mobile robotics. The aim is to accelerate the adoption of its Spot® robot for autonomous inspection and AI-based data processing at industrial sites in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to make operations more efficient, safe, and sustainable.

“The key to this partnership is that it brings together industry-leading hardware, cloud and software solutions. This represents a significant opportunity to transform asset-heavy industries in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,” said Abdullah Jarwan, CEO of CNTXT.

CNTXT, Google Cloud’s reseller and distributor for cloud solutions in the Kingdom and the exclusive reseller of Cognite Data Fusion® in the MENA region, will be a preferred partner of Boston Dynamics for commercial industrial robotics applications and engagements in the Kingdom.

“To turn the data that robots collect into business value, industrial companies need software that makes data insights available and meaningful,” said Jarwan. “By integrating Cognite Data Fusion with Boston Dynamics’ Spot robot, we can collect all the raw data, process it, and make insights available to all data consumers.”

Contextualizing large amounts of raw data is key toward helping companies conduct more effective autonomous inspections using robots. Reliable data collection and analysis will help drive scale for industrial AI solutions and applications, which will save workers’ time and improve safety by reducing the need for people to access hazardous environments.

“Aramco and Cognite have teamed up to form CNTXT and based on the success of our partnership with Cognite, Boston Dynamics is pleased to enter into this MOU.   Complex industrial sites have stairs, uneven surfaces and obstacles that can only be negotiated with legs.  As the world’s most advanced walking robot, Spot can autonomously navigate industrial sites to monitor production equipment, reducing downtime and enhancing the productivity & safety of maintenance staff,” said Robert Playter, CEO of Boston Dynamics.  


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