Celebrate World Pasta Day at Authentic Italian Restaurant, Bussola in Jumeirah Golf Estates


What better way to celebrate World Pasta Day on October 25th than with some authentic Italian dishes? Diners are invited to savour the delectable flavours of signature pastas at Bussola in the Jumeirah Golf Estates with three must-try dishes at the popular dining concept: 

Fusilloni with Eggplant 

An ideal option for vegetarians, Fusilloni pasta is prepared with tangy tomato sauce topped with fried eggplant, smoked mozzarella cheese, and garnished with fresh basil for a quintessential take on the Southern Italian pasta. 

Pappardelle with Ossobuco sauce 

This hearty dish is made with Bussola’s homemade pappardelle, a traditional Central Italian pasta, combined with Ossobuco ragout sauce, a specialty from Lombard that makes for an incredible pairing topped with the fresh and zesty flavours of gremolata. 

Spaghetti with fresh Mediterranean Seafood 

A classic Italian dish – Bussola’s take on the ‘Spaghetti ai frutti di mare’ is one not to miss. A fan-favourite at the restaurant, the dish is made with fresh Mediterranean seafood, including Red Prawns imported from Sicily and homemade spaghetti pasta, topped with a light tomato sauce and parsley. 

Pasta lovers are invited to celebrate the day at the restaurant, located in Jumeirah Golf Estates’ club house for lunch between 12pm and 3pm, or dinner between 6pm and 11pm.  


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