Celebrate Ramadan Iftars with the Original Tiramisu from La Fabbrica Italiana


This Ramadan, La Fabbrica Italiana is serving the perfect show-stopping dessert to bring to your next Iftar. Their Tiramisu, made from the original recipe, is the perfect dessert to boost the energy of fasters after their iftar meal. The sweet and airy dessert is the perfect sweet treat to savor after a long day of fasting. Those that order a Tiramisu are said to have felt re-energized and ‘lifted/pulled up’ as the etymology of the word suggests. It’s the perfect twist to the ‘gift of food’ during Ramadan and will give everyone a break from typical gifts of dates during the month. La Fabbrica’s tray of tiramisu actually is a culmination of many mini portions of tiramisu served in their individual containers that

Customers can order the Tiramisu to be served at Iftar in 2 different sizes:

La Mini Festa: 20 piece mini tiramisu – 140 AED

La Festa: 20 piece tiramisu – 200 AED

All orders must be placed 24hrs in advance and all orders are available for pick up only. La Fabbrica Italiana will be open daily from 1:00 pm to 1:00 am.


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