Celebrate Emirati Women’s Day at Hotel Indigo Dubai


Hotel Indigo Dubai Downtown Partners With Project Chaiwala And Talents UAE To Form An Exciting Trio

Dubai, UAE: To mark the occasion of Emirati Women’s Day, Hotel Indigo Dubai Downtown has partnered with homegrown tea brand Project Chaiwala and Talents UAE. The two community-inspired institutions that offer authentic experiences while embracing the future have worked together with the hotel to offering guests and visitors alike a special promotion to take a dip in the past of the UAE to explore the culture and traditions of the nation through a modern and quirky lens.

For AED 85, guests will taste the Umm Ali dessert reimagined with their unique creation of a karak chai ice cream, made with a modern twist and served with the signature Karak chai from Project Chaiwala. As part of the package, guests will also receive an entrance ticket to Dubai’s largest heritage museum as sponsored by Talents UAE where they will get a deeper understanding of what Emirati culture entails through interactive technology installations.

This exciting collaboration will bring three amazing brands together. Hotel Indigo Dubai Downtown aims to create a hybrid contemporary story by reviving old tastes and tales that have shaped the identity of the UAE and to empower and sustain global cross-cultural dialogue.

Talking about this unique initiative, Ahmed Kazim and Justin Joseph, Co-founders of Project Chaiwala said, “Through this unique collaboration, we invite people to explore and discover the allure of the UAE culture and give everyone the opportunity to emotionally connect with UAE tradition, while reviving their five senses for a memorable cross-cultural experience, together with Hotel Indigo Dubai Downtown and Talents UAE.”

And Astrid Lesuisse, Art Manager at Hotel Indigo Dubai Downtown added, “At Hotel Indigo Dubai Downtown, we believe that it is essential to preserve and accurately portray the cross-cultural aspect of the UAE that is a strong part of the intangible cultural heritage of the country, and as such, we are thrilled to partner with Project Chaiwala and Talents UAE who provide inspiring experiences narrating this region’s rich history and act as a window on the future.”

Special offer available from August 28 to September 4, tickets can be purchased from Open Sesame at Hotel Indigo Dubai Downtown.

Date: From August 28th to September 4th
Price: AED 85
Package includes: Umm Ali dessert reimagined with karak chai ice cream, classic karak chai from Project Chaiwala and receive an entrance ticket to Al Shindagha Museum, Dubai’s largest heritage museum sponsored by Talents UAE (valid for 3 months from the date of purchase)


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