Carna Brings An Immersive Farm to Table Chef’s Experience


Culinary powerhouse Carna’s 16-course guided experience extends beyond the modern steakhouse 

 Dubai, UAE: Culinary powerhouse Carna by Dario Cecchini has introduced a new Carna Chef’s Experience that not only delights diners but respects the environment. The 16-course progressive menu celebrates locally grown produce in the UAE including Emirati honey and fresh garden vegetables. Skilfully crafted by the respected Chef Cláudio Cardoso, Carna redefines the experience with careful attention to sustainable methods from the production of artistic recyclable paper menus all the way to zero-waste cooking techniques. The Chef’s Experience is available from Thursdays to Saturdays and offers a different approach to dining with a focus on curating individual dining experiences. Located on the 74th floor of the SLS Dubai Hotel & Residences, Carna subverts expectations by focusing on nose-to-tail cooking and highlighting the art of root-to-leaf culinary techniques. 

Unveiling The Experience 

Priced at AED 350 per person, the first-of-its-kind Carna Chef’s Experience is created by Culinary Director, Chef Cláudio Cardoso. Catering to guests arriving early in the evening or slightly later, the range of 16 dishes each tells its own story and reveals the marvel of Carna’s culinary ethos. Starting from 7 pm to 10 pm, the menu centres around the Carna experience – genuine, inviting, and approachable. Guests also receive ‘Scottish Kisses’ – a welcome drink, made out of bubbly, The Macallan, and local strawberries served table side. Personable service, attention to every detail, and warm hospitality are central to Carna Chef’s Experience. Complementing the dishes are a selection of specialty cocktails and wines from Carna’s impressive cellar of over 300 labels. 

Chef Cláudio states, “Throughout my career, I have aligned myself to projects where I can converge my love of food with my mission for environmental activism. Carna’s new Carna Chef’s Experience was born from this desire to connect with our guests through storytelling that reaches the heart. At Carna, food is more than sustenance – it is vital to how we bond and live our lives.”

The Eco Mindset

The Chef’s Experience serves as physical proof of Carna’s passion for sustainability with menus made in-house by the culinary team at Carna. The paper is 100% sustainably recycled receipts and hand-written by an SLS team member and part-time calligrapher. As a parting gift, diners can keep the menu as a souvenir and a reminder of what Carna has in store for returning visitors.

View the making-of the Carna Chef’s Experience here: 

Homage To Butchery

Honouring the legendary Dario Cecchini, the new tasting menu celebrates the art of butchery with dedicated ‘tartare tours.’ Carna’s delicate consideration for the environment is evident by its reliance on locally sourced ingredients. The unique experience goes a step further by encouraging a more profound love and understanding of the how, why, and where Chef Cláudio uses each ingredient in the Carna Chef’s Experience. Guided culinary journeys are led by the enigmatic Assistant General Manager, Florian Strassguertl, or the talented General Manager, Michael Towns. Flowing from the dining table to the four walls of the Carna cellar, guests will fall in love with Tuscany by way of Dubai. This immersive evening takes the quintessential Chef’s Experience one step further by educating novice palates with a step-by-step demonstration of signature dishes such as Dario’s Steak Tartare. The dish is carved from Italian rump and seasoned to perfection with paprika, garlic, Tuscan olive oil, and lemon zest.

Following in the footsteps of Dario’s nose-to-tail approach, the Bone Marrow Croquette from the Chef’s Experience combines veal belly with wagyu and orange for sweetness to balance the richness of the dish. Other favorites from the menu include the Needle in a HayStack made from leftover dough and brought to life with rosemary further adding to the zero-waste philosophy of the brand.

Redefining The Ethos

Expanding its reputation beyond the steakhouse, Carna is dedicated to offering the same premium quality throughout the Chef’s Experience journey with produce from farms across the UAE. The Artichoke Tart with goat cheese and Emirati honey is a divine mouthful along with the delectable Baked Burrata made from beetroot and strawberries, all locally sourced. The main attraction is the Mushroom Steak, made from Portobello mushrooms from Kinoko Mushroom Farms roasted with garlic and rosemary to create a depth of flavour.

Recently appointed General Manager at Carna by Dario Cecchini, Michael Towns said, “At Carna, we strive to support farmers within the UAE by showcasing the culinary team’s expertise in butchery along with our new sustainability vision which we share with every guest to curate their experience. With this new menu, Chef Cláudio and I want guests to leave Carna wanting to come back for more. An authentic adventure to rediscover how we look at food – that is what makes Carna special.” 

The new Carna Chef’s Experience at Carna by Dario Cecchini is open to both gourmands and inquisitive diners. A memorable evening set 74 floors up awaits carnivores and vegetarians looking for a night out in Downtown Dubai. Book in advance for a butcher-endorsed experience against the sophisticated backdrop of the Downtown skyline. 


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