Burger King unveils drive to combat breast cancer


RIYADH — On the occasion of World Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Burger King has launched an awareness campaign with an educational message to inform women on the risks of neglecting periodical examinations and the significance of early-detection in achieving successful treatment, which according to research raises recovery chances up to 95%.

The campaign features an innovative video with a realistic and influential message away from any promotional content. The video left a lasting impact on women participating in it, who convey shocking stories on the results of neglecting periodical testing, and share their experiences with female viewers, urging them to pursue necessary and regular examinations.

Furthermore, the video seeks to promote a culture of acceptance and break the fear barrier among Saudi women regarding various forms of early detection testing, including home self-examinations and symptom observations, mammogram X-ray testing, and genetic testing now available in Saudi Arabia.

Additionally, Burger King has utilized its various channels this month to promote breast cancer awareness away from any product advertising in order to focus the audience’s attention on combating breast cancer. In this context, it is cooperating with Zahra Organization by donating SR1 to it from every meal purchased for a limited time.

Research has found that the average percentage of women affected by breast cancer out of all cancer cases globally in both developed and developing nations is 16%, with the rate of affected individuals increasing annually by 10%. Affected cases are also expected to rise by over four times in the Middle East region over the next twenty years. However, the number of deaths linked to the disease in developed nations is decreasing thanks to advanced modern treatment methods and early detection programs which enable the early detection of 80% of all breast cancer cases.


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