Boucheron unveils new podcast episode with Claire Choisne


Established in 2020, the True Stories podcast channel invites you to listen to the most iconic Maison Boucheron stories that have unfolded there since its creation 164 years ago. After Guillaume Gallienne hosted the first series of five episodes, which were dedicated to the most unexpected marriages the Maison has ever witnessed, it was historian Vincent Meylan who would next lend his voice to the podcast to recount the historic command of the Maharaja of Patiala in 1928.  

On 5th July, Maison Boucheron unveiled a seventh original episode, to complement the launch of its new High Jewelry collection, Carte Blanche, Ailleurs. For the first time, on the Place Vendôme, in a highly intimate setting, Claire Choisne reveals the entirety of her artistic journey as well as her inspirations for this new collection designed in 2020. The context of the time was a strong influence on the Creative Director in the choice of her theme “Ailleurs” [Elsewhere]. “It was the beginning of 2020; we were in total lockdown. I understood at that moment just how much I needed to travel, to see nature, to move, to be inspired … We created for ourselves a different type of journey; an emotional, imaginary journey.”

In Maison Boucheron’s Carte Blanche collections, innovation and creativity have always been placed at the service of emotion. This year, Ailleurs has not broken the mold, and this podcast episode tells behind the scenes stories from the Boucheron workshops which reveal several challenges that were overcome to make Claire Choisne’s creative dreams a reality. “Rattan core, pebbles found on the beach, wood, meteorite, shells … These materials were chosen for their aesthetic value. And what I find interesting is facing them with, thus creating a contrast with, materials that we use as a matter of course in High Jewelry, like gold and diamonds.” 

This new episode of Boucheron True Stories is now available in French, English, Arabic and Mandarin on Apple Podcast and Spotify here:  Apple AR – Spotify AR


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