Biryani Tales Back At Zafran Indian Bistro


Dubai, United Arab Emirates -: Biryani Tales, the hugely popular seasonal menu, is back at Zafran Indian Bistro.

This year, Zafran will reignite the wonders of Royal Indian Kitchens and evoke a bygone era all within the heart of the Persian Gulf, through its Biryani Tales

There are 28 different states in the Indian sub-continent and each state has its own language and its biryani. Zafran brings you biryanis native to 4 different heritage rich states, but all with a touch of modern-day flavor that shine a light on the evolution of Biryani, which once traveled from Iran and conquered Indian hearts. 

An ode to Kerala’s spicy coastal flavors, the Calicut Pepper Prawn Biryani, cooked in coconut milk and roasted pepper masala with a light tinge of spiced zestiness from the aromatic Keffir Lime, all layered with ghee rice, is a seafood lover’s dream. 

The Guntur Gongura Chicken biryani combines fiery Guntur chilies and the sour Gongura leaves synonymous with Andhra Pradesh to create magic whilst the Murgh Doodhiya Biryani cooked with almonds, cashew, and cream is a Rampuri cuisine classic from Uttar Pradesh. 

A dish fit for royalty, the signature Hussainabadi Gosht Biryani, is a regal pot of tender boneless lamb and lamb shank, cooked in a complex blend of spices, guaranteed to tantalize your tastebuds.

This season, the biryani will be paired with condiments that are designed to complement the distinct flavors in the biryanis. Each biryani on the menu will be served with Nimbu ka achaar (lemon pickle), coconut and peanut chutney, and refreshing Aloo raita, yogurt flavored with black salt and roasted cumin and topped with spiced potatoes.

“The universal love for the much-celebrated biryani is what makes this seasonal menu so popular with Zafran regulars and new guests. Each rice dish has been creatively conceptualized by our chefs to appeal to the distinctive palates of our diners while also introducing them to the many intricate flavors spread across India. This year, our chefs have created recipes from spicy to subtle to pay homage to the great legacy of biryanis and how it has evolved over the years. We are happy to welcome everyone to join us as we launch this new limited time menu as an ode to the much-loved biryani,” said Sajeev Chelattu, Brand Chef, Zafran Indian Bistro.

The Biryani Tales menu will be available from today until 30th June at Zafran in Dubai Marina Mall and Mirdif City Centre with prices starting at AED 74. The restaurants are open to guests for lunch as well as dinner from 12 pm – 11 pm on weekdays and 12 pm – 12 am on weekends. To make a reservation please call: 056 188 4739 (Mirdif City Centre) or 054 994 2435(Dubai Marina Mall). For added convenience, Zafran offers a take-out and delivery service as well and is on Deliveroo, Talabat, and Zomato. 


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