Best Activities to do in Mauritius during November for the Saudi Traveler.

Port Louis

Jeddah, KSA – : Mauritius, the beautiful island of the Indian Ocean boasts warm weather and sunshine all year-round and substantial amount of culture for a one of a kind holiday experience and the visitors will have endless memories to take back home. With pristine water and golden sands, exotic wildlife, rich history, and delicacies, Mauritius is where the Saudi traveler should be heading in his next holiday in November.

In November, the weather is always perfect as it’s the blending time of winter and summer, In addition to indulging in water sports and sightseeing, this is also the time to look forward to the popular annual festivals, to enjoy a delicious Mauritian meal or to visit a unique historical place, or to indulge in unforgettable shopping experience.

Here’s the best activities the Saudi traveler can do in Mauritius in November:

  1. Visiting the Seven Colored Earth:

November is an excellent time to visit Chamarel, a small village in Mauritius which attracts a large number of tourists. What’s interesting and amazing about this place that visitors can notice that the sand is of seven different colors, ranges from golden, brown, yellow, to a surprisingly red, green, and blue. Also known as “Terres des Sept Couleurs”, the seven vibrant colors are seen due to a strange and rare geological oddity caused by volcanic activities.

The Seven Coloured Earth in Chamarel
  1. Shopping at Port Louis, The capital City of Mauritius:

Port Louis showcases beautiful French architecture and also has quite entertainment and shopping outlets. Shopping lovers can shop from international brands. It is a place also known for luxurious hotels to unwind at and restaurants to experiment with a cuisine. The Caudan Waterfront is a must-visit place to indulge in shopping. Also, tourists can visit the Blue Penny Stamp Museum, the Place D’Armes Boulevard and Fort Adelaide to satisfy their hunger of culture.

  1. Visiting Chateau De Labourdonnais: Chateau De Labourdonnais dates back to the 17th century and shows what the Mauritian life was back then. The building is an architectural retreat, with elements of vintage Victorian interiors and furnishing. Visitors would also love taking a stroll in the beautifully crafted lawns within the premises of the mansion, perfect to spend some time with the honeymooners or the beloved ones.
  2. Watching the National celebrations of Mauritius in November: Mauritius’s culture is full of historical attitudes due to the depth of history, ethnicities and religions that lived and grew up on this small island, and from this great mixing there have been several celebrations celebrated by the population, such as “All saints day”, It is a Christian festival which stems from a belief that there is a spiritual and powerful bond between living people on earth and those in heaven.
Le Chateau De Labourdonnais

Also, visitors may meet the Indentured Labourers Day festivals, this day is observed for the arrival of workers as indentured labourers from the Indian subcontinent. This is done because the arrival of labourers, first between the mid-eighteenth century and the early nineteenth century had a substantial impact on the Mauritian culture and life of the locals. Visitors also may watch the Diwali Festival celebrations, the Indian festival of light where the island of Mauritius transforms into a fairyland, houses and gardens are decorated with clay lamps and lights, and the fireworks are lighting up the sky at night.


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