Bali Tourism Industry Targets Markets from Nearby Countries During the New Normal


Jakarta,  – The tourism industry in Bali is targeting to attract tourists from nearby countries such as Thailand, Myanmar, and Vietnam when it is normal when tourism in Bali is declared ready to open for the international market.

ASITA Bali Secretary, I Putu Winastra in the International Webinar Tourism in Indonesia for the Thai and Indochina market with the theme “Bali Alright” which took place online, Friday (06/06/2020) yesterday said, currently the industry and all stakeholders in tourism and the creative economy in Bali is preparing to face the new normality of tourism by implementing hygiene, health and safety protocols.

“The protocol will be applied to every tourism sector including transportation, accommodation, restaurants and all tourism objects,” I Putu Winastra said.

The protocol has been prepared based on customers journey that focuses on three main things namely cleanliness, health, and safety.

Starting from tourists must prepare various requirements that must be met before leaving for Bali such as COVID-19 free statement, itinerary, arrival date, and others as required by the government.

Then also the protocol when tourists arrive at the airport, when doing tour activities until returning to the airport for flights back to their home countries. All will be carried out with good health protocol SOPs.

For market segmentation, I Putu Winastra said the closest countries such as Thailand, Myanmar, and Vietnam could become a mainstay to support Bali tourism when it was later opened to the international market.

“For the beginning we will indeed focus on the domestic market, but when the international market has opened we expect tourists from nearby countries such as Thailand, Myanmar and Vietnam,” he said.

“And of course Bali will not be opened at all, the pilot project is set for the Nusa Dua area,” Winastra said.

While M Yansverio as Regional CEO for the Greater Jakarta Region of PT Garuda Indonesia said, Bali is a superior destination for Garuda Indonesia both for domestic and international flights. Garuda Indonesia is ready to support industry and government in developing tourism in Bali when it is decided to be opened by the government.

“To welcome the new normalcy, Garuda Indonesia applies the Cleanliness, Health, and Safety (CHS) protocol and explains the requirements that must be met in traveling by airplane,” Yansverio said.

Deputy of Marketing for the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy / Tourism and Creative Economy Agency (Kemenparekraf / Baparekraf) Nia Niscaya said, the purpose of this webinar is to maintain confidence in Indonesia’s image by conveying policies. As well as the latest information about tourist destinations in Indonesia and facilitate the tourism industries of Thailand, Vietnam, and Myanmar with Indonesia to maintain cooperative relations in the face of the new norm of tourism.

“This webinar is a forum for Indonesia’s presence in the Thai, Vietnamese and Myanmar markets to continue to collaborate with tourism industry partners. Indonesia provides product updates to industries in Thailand and Indochina related to what Indonesia has done to prepare tourist destinations to welcome “the return of foreign tourists in the future,” said Nia Niscaya.

On that occasion Nia Niscaya explained that Kemenparekraf had prepared a protocol standard as a guideline for all tourism stakeholders in the CHS program.

“We hope that the tourism industry players in Thailand, Vietnam and Myanmar get a picture related to the implementation of the ‘new normal’ protocol in this case the CHS protocol in Indonesia, especially Bali. Undoubtedly.


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