An Unforgettable Culinary Experience awaits Middle Easterners in Beautiful Mauritius


Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, –: Without a doubt, Mauritius has been atop the list of the most attractive holiday destinations for Saudi and Middle Easterners because of its crystal-clear beaches and magical landscapes.

However, what could be the most important element of enjoying a holiday in Mauritius is the Mauritian cuisine. The food offered in restaurants and hotels is halal and the local dishes are truly mouth-watering.

The long mixed-cultured history of the island has helped create a unique fusion of flavours that brought about some delicious dishes with tastes emerging from Asia, Europe and Africa.


Mauritius is very famous for its fresh seafood coming straight from the Indian Ocean. This delicious local ingredient is used in many of the traditional dishes like rougaille, Chinese Dim Sum, and Indian curries or French delicacies.

Moreover, Mauritius is home to an exemplary range of street foods. With delicious local dishes like Dhal Puri (flatbreads filled with curried peas), root fritter, pakoras, samosas, Gateaux Piments (chilli cakes), and many other exciting dishes.

The Mauritius cuisine also has a few local ingredients that are essential in everyday foods on the island. Pineapples and coconuts are considered national fruits in Mauritius and are sold fresh all around as a refreshing snack, a drink, or a tasty dessert.

Vanilla is also a prevalent flavour on the island, which is used in local ice creams, classic crème brûlées, and the famous Bois Chéri vanilla tea.

And just like the locals in the Middle East, the island locals enjoy eating palm hearts. This crunchy and juicy treat is considered a delicacy in Mauritius and it is often served with salad.

Mauritius is truly a heaven for Muslim foodies where they can enjoy unique halal-branded island dishes. And now with Saudis no longer needing a visa permit to visit the nation, the journey has become more feasible than ever.

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