AlUla Virtual Tour on Snapchat


AlUla, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,- : Elephant Rock, Hegra, also referred to the modern Mada’in Saleh, and Desert X are among the famous sites and attractions of AlUla that are now available for the public to view from the comfort of their home. The Royal Commission for AlUla has worked with Snapchat to provide this feature through the Snapchat app with innovative lenses and with 360 videos available on, giving public the chance to experience the unique wonders of AlUla virtually.

Following the authorities’ decision, the heritage sites and attractions have closed for an indefinite period. The Royal Commission for AlUla made it a priority to partake in the cooperative endeavour to ensure people’s safety.

AlUla, which is home to the hugely successful Winter at Tantora Festival, will be opening the sites in October 2020.


The public can now enjoy a virtual tour of the magnificent historical and heritage sites as well as the newest attractions, turning AlUla into the largest living museum in the world ever to be accessible on social media.


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