Almarai tops food and beverage companies in the Middle East for 2020


RIYADH — Almarai topped the food and beverage category on Forbes list of 2020 Middle East’s top 100 companies.

Overall, Almarai came No. 30 on the list that covered all economy sectors including energy, industry, banks, telecommunications, transport and logistics, services, and real estate.

Forbes’ list relies on the companies’ financial statements and capital markets data. The list ranks companies according to the criteria of market value, sales, net profits, in addition to the gross assets with equal proportional weights.

In 2019, Almarai achieved total sales of $3.8 billion, net profit of $480 million, total assets of $8.8 billion, and market value of $12.5 billion.

It is worth noting that Almarai has been ranked on Forbes list of the 2000 world’s largest public companies for 2019.

Almarai is considered the world’s largest vertically integrated dairy company and the region’s largest food and beverage manufacturer and distributer.

In addition, Almarai is a market leader in most of its categories across the GCC market.


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