Alfa Co., leading restaurant operator in KSA, extends a helping hand in coronavirus battle


JEDDAH — Alfa Co., operator of award-winning restaurants Steak House, Piatto, FireGrill, City Fresh Kitchen, Steak House Burgers and Uncle Moe’s Southern BBQ has stepped up its support of the Medical Sector in its fight against Coronavirus by way of food donations to frontline personnel of key medical institutions in the Kingdom.

With Saudi restaurants’ compliance with government directives to temporarily close its dining areas to the public, Alfa Co. has focused its efforts to supporting the Ministry of Health and the many health-care frontliners in key hospitals.

Over the past few days, Alfa Co. has distributed over 4000 Steak House and Piatto meal packages to the Ministry of Health, Prince Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz Hospital, King Fahad Medical City, Diriyah Hospital and other COVID-19 centers. FireGrill, Steak House Burgers and Uncle Moe’s Southern BBQ are scheduled to distribute packaged meals in the following days.

“The Kingdom’s medical sector, especially the men and women directly assigned along the frontlines, has been putting up a gallant stand against the COVID-19 disease for months now,” said Ian Toal, CEO of Alfa Co. “We at Alfa Co., along with other key players in the Saudi food service industry, could not just stand idle in the face of adversity. The least we could do is to contribute what we do best — serving the frontliners with hot, fresh, quality food too keep their spirits high — while taking extra precautions to stay healthy ourselves.”

According to Toal, who personally supervised Alfa Co.’s food distribution efforts, the company plans to distribute over 15000 packaged meals over the next 2 weeks. The recipients include doctors, nurses, administrative and call center staff working around the clock coordinating COVID-19 operations and dispensing counseling services.

Toal added that Alfa Co. brands remain resilient. Despite the ongoing curfew measures, Alfa Co. restaurants continue to serve the dining public their favorite restaurant menu items. “Our restaurant brands have ramped up pickup and delivery operations KSA-wide, all the while upholding the strictest food preparation and handling practices to provide the public ample, safe and quality food options for the duration of the COVID-19 challenge,” Toal said.


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