A New ‘Musical High’ Awaits Diners at Allo Beirut City Walk Café


Allo Beirut showcases Levantine talent to stir up the nostalgia of the golden days of Beirut!

A quick search on Google to find the fastest route to heaven will suggest – indulging in some scrumptious food with a solid hit of hubbly bubbly, but not without humming to the classical tunes of the Middle East! Laying out the teleport gateway to the out worldly escape, Allo Beirut is launching multiple Entertainment Nights – a carefully crafted line-up of Levantine indulgence at their buzzing City Walk Café! 

Live Music Band & Free Hubbly Bubbly for Ladies on Tuesdays

Engulfing the neighbourhood with the hypnotic oriental tunes of a live music band, Allo Beirut is set to spark the memory of Lebanon’s golden era every Tuesday and Saturday night from 8pm onwards. Drawing inspiration from the harmonies of Fairuz and the symphonies of Sabah, the local talent is extending a musical welcome to every nationality to share a piece of memory of what the city of Beirut used to be. Elevating the food cum lyrical high, Tuesdays will also witness a swarm of ladies enjoying a range of flavorful puffs – complimentary, requiring no minimum spend, at any time of the day, without any hidden terms or conditions! 

DJ ToughGuy & Special Offer on Flavoured Smoke Draws

Getting diners up and running for the remainder of the working week, Thursdays, from 8pm at the award-winning restaurant, will be dedicated as Lebanese Nights with DJ ToughGuy. The local talent will mix Lebanese classics with his own, and further immerse the diverse crowd to vibe with Allo Beirut’s fluid brand identity. The one that transcends cultures, erases geographic boundaries and embraces every spice and flavour as its own. Adding a touch to the pre-weekend celebrations, Allo Beirut will offer all diners free hubbly bubbly every Thursday with a minimum spend of just AED 100! 

A sense of tranquillity floats above the musical notes and the alluring aroma of hot drinks and cold beverages at Allo Beirut’s spacious café on the first level of their City Walk outlet. As you make your way up the stairs, you’ll be greeted with the sound of soulful music bouncing within the beautifully adorned walls of the cosy expanse. A perfect sight of the Burj also awaits diners to witness the awe-inspiring skyline and enjoy a variety of café foods, traditional desserts, and authentic beverages with a great view and even greater company. Tying together the melodies and an extensive menu of café food and beverages, Allo Beirut will also have tawla sets available for customers to take part in a friendly game. Nothing spells comfort than letting your hair down at a restaurant one has always loved and with our Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays getting further spiced up, ‘unwinding’ has truly found a new destination.


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