A Green Sanctuary TO Discover A Lighter You


The newly opened and exceedingly picturesque RAKxa Wellness & Medical Retreat sets a new standard when it comes to luxurious weight-focused holidays.

Built on a large expanse of Bang Kachao’s southeastern facing riverfront land, this green-reserve also stands out as a state-of-the-art health centre with a focus on alternative medicine. With an emphasis on healthy eating and a blend of modern and traditional treatment methods, this destination is meant to take guests on a unique and individualised path to wellness. 

Hone in on your ideal weight with RAKxa’s Body Light programme, the art of blending ancient healing wisdom with a scientific-based approach to focus on sustainable results via a main emphasis on root causes to personalise each treatment and diet individually.

The journey begins the moment you step into the retreat’s spacious arrival hall, which overlooks an exquisite inland lake. Upon entering, a Tibetan bowl ceremony welcomes all guests and members with soothing sounds produced by seven different handcrafted bowls singing, each one representing a different chakra, or energy port, in the body. 

After check-in, guests are assigned their own personal health and wellness consultation in the presence of RAKxa’s medical advisors and physiotherapist professionals. Each guest will be first asked to elaborate on their weight loss goals, and then, based on the results of their diagnostics, the RAKxa team will tailor the treatments and nutrition plan that best suit what they’re aiming for.

Through a fusion of alternative medical treatments with the support of modern science, RAKxa Wellness provides 10 and 14-day programmes to suit individual goals. Moving to the first wheel for metabolism boosting, RAKxa’s signature Udvarthanam Ayurvedic full-body massage plays a key role, along with therapeutic herb powders. To improve gut and digestive health, Chi Nei Tsang gives such an incredible healing touch that focuses on the abdominals to make you feel well from the inside out. Pilatese One-On-One sets you up from the core muscles to create strength from the ground up. Next, you’ll lay the groundwork for innovative treatments that will help you maintain your ideal weight and body for the long haul, such as Indiba, which will shape your body, restore your cells’ natural balance, and kickstart your metabolism without causing any harm.  

Dine on delicious farm-to-table fare sourced from RAKxa Organic Farms, rich in nutrients and terrific flavour without compromising on taste, yet aim right for your weight goal and gut health under the cover of anti-inflammatory and muscle recovery concepts.

To top it off with the botanical style, grace and design are integrated into the lushness of Bang Krachao, the green lung of Bangkok, with a divine pool villa that grants you both restful time and a pleasant private aqua workout while enjoying the lake view ahead. This is a get-in-a-way for truly holistic-driven health enthusiasts looking far beyond just a body but inclusively with a mind, lifestyle, and soul reboot.


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