A Falafel Kind of Month at Allo Beirut


In celebration of International Falafel Day, Allo Beirut has launched limited-edition Falafel specials!

On the occasion of International Falafel Day, coming up on the 12th of June, it’s only fair to confess that Dubai has never fallen harder for anything like a Falafel. Relished as a starter and a main, this versatile dish is one to reckon with when recalling the sweet nostalgia of the merry school days or witnessing the flavour bomb become a recurring item on the order when dining with friends and family. Honouring the utterly crumbly deliciousness of the vegetarian kebab, Allo Beirut is channelling the nostalgic love by offering customers a range of limited-edition Falafel-y options for the entire month of June! 

From a salad to a sandwich, the award-winning Lebanese street food restaurant has pulled out all stops to do justice to the savoury munch-kin. Hot and crunchy on the outside, fluffy and herby within, Allo Beirut has claimed the brown fritter as its own through their menu which will make everyone agree, both veggies and gourmets.

Allo Beirut’s Falafel specials include: 

  • The Falafel Salad: A limited edition dish that heroes freshly fried Falafels tossed with fresh leafy greens, garden tomatoes, mint leaves, parsley, radish, pickled turnip and chickpeas, and served with a creamy tahini vinaigrette dressing. Available only between  June 10th – 12th at AED 24 for dine-in and delivery. 
  • The Falafel Kaak: A limited edition dish made with freshly fried falafels, accompanied by hand-picked tomatoes, fresh parsley and radish, pickled turnips, nutty tarator sauce garnished with mint leaves served in freshly baked kaak dough. Available only between June 10th – 12th at AED 16 for dine-in and delivery.
  • The Mini Falafel Sandwich: Freshly fried falafels coupled with select tomatoes, fresh parsley, pungent radish, pickled turnips, tarator sauce & garnished with mint leaves. Served in Arabic bread, it is priced at AED 6 for single, AED 11 for Double &  AED 15 for the trio. Available for the whole month of June for delivery only.
  • Trio Vegan Sandwich: A special bundle offering 1 falafel, 1 cauliflower sandwich & 1 eggplant sandwich, priced at AED 18. Available for the whole month of June for delivery only. 

Not just having a permanent spot on the kitchen table but also in our little smitten hearts, it’s not uncommon to slide into the treasured memories and unconsciously reach out to a Falafel whenever one sees one in their vicinity, especially when it’s coming at an offer of 18 freshly fried Falafel pieces for the price of only 12 (i.e. AED 30). Customers can avail of this offer for the entire month of June from any delivery platform including ChatFood and not fear judgment for snacking on it during the day or perhaps even in the wee hours of the night. That magnetic pull of the hand is real and this offering from Allo Beirut is a perfect excuse to let that invisible electric field have its way. That said, customers are advised to keep some tissue paper handy cause in the stupor to munch down on the nubbly crunch, it’s possible to forget about the tahini sauce dripping down one’s chin!


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