50 Indian companies to participate in the ‘Saudi Foodex 2019’


JEDDAH — 50 Indian companies enter the competition in the Saudi market for the first time through the largest international food and beverage exhibition in the Kingdom – “Saudi Foodex 2019” – on Nov. 11-14 in Jeddah International Exhibition and Convention Center, as they showcase their latest meat, poultry, dairy, juices, desserts, baked goods, snacks and cereals, and unveils new technologies in search of Saudi business partners.

Daybatshu Shukayn, Executive Director of the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM), said that his country’s pavilion will be the largest in the seventh edition. India pushes nearly 50 companies and brands, offering 10 main products represented in canned juices, chilled, fresh and frozen products, food technology, dairy products, meat, poultry and hunted birds, food services, specialty products, canned and preserved products, cereals, confectionery, snacks and baked goods. He pointed out their keenness to attract the attention of local investors and seek a foothold in the Saudi market during their first participation.

He said the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has one of the largest markets in the world receiving Indian exports. “The food processing industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is in a good position to grow at a high rate in the future, with increasing domestic, regional and international demand for the Kingdom’s products year after year,” he said. Noting that marine products, dates and foods are the most famous externally. He added that “the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is known for its authentic food products, especially those in Makkah and Madinah, and the Saudi food security sector benefits from an evolving ecosystem, meeting the high standards and growing demands of the rapidly growing market.”

Shukin stressed that their main objective, in addition to exploring the Saudi market, is to reach consumers with great purchasing power and high quality food. “The Association of Indian Chambers of Commerce is looking for trade partners in the first place and hopes that visitors will like the products offered by the Indian pavilion. Moreover, we are looking to enhance market access through this platform, and return with a larger delegation next year.”

He pointed out that the Association of Chambers of Commerce is one of the highest trade clusters in India and plays a leading role in promoting bilateral relations and trade in the Middle East, especially with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It believes that “Saudi Foodex 2019” will add a lot of value to the participants and provide a global platform for quality detection and the high technology enjoyed by Indian products, which it hopes to enjoy a good share in the Kingdom.


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